Case study was conducted to determine whether 150k running race could be passed in 24h with 2 bars of chocolate and 8 candies. The former study indicates that at least 5 breads and 2 fishes could do it. Unfortunately the new results show that it is not possible even though you were professional walker or storyhunter like Elias Lönnrot.

The writer of Kalavale with updated gears.


Maximizing the performance by minimizing the weight is well-known fact in many sports (some sources here). Minimizing the weight in ultra running can be done in two different ways: get rid of your excess body weight or update your equipment. The equipment part in ultra running consists of food carried during the race and the other stuff (like first-aid kit, whistle, swimsuit and towel). In most cases the other stuff is determined by competition director (nazis like Karhusolan Tiukunen) so basically the only way to optimize the performance is to lose weight from the food carried (or map pages printed).

People caring.

When optimizing the food carried the subjects may encounter problems of insufficient food supplies that lead to malnutrition (for example MV in VM featuring Keitto). In such cases the only way to finish is your will because all the other necessary numbers like 112 or 0700-RAATOTAKSI are nowadays so easily available. You should still call.


The subject was selected randomly from volunteers. The race was chosen by Suomenlinnan Susi’s oral request. The course was determined by Kilon Gepardi and marked with reflectors almost whole the way. The subject was followed during the race by enormous audience via The time was still measured by clock.


The food intake during the race consisted of 2 Royal chocolate bars (440 kcal) bought from R-kioski and 8 candies (120 kcal) hunted from the Hyvä Ikä and I love me stands. Additional to that subject also received Synkkis-Sausage (229 kcal) after the free(z)ing swimming episode. Total food intake was 789 kcal. Water consumed during the race was 2 liters which half of rocky salted water and half of Kultalähde water.


The subject survived but did not finish in 24 hours (24:17) and not even 150k (146,2k). Also the top speeds of first kilometers (under 5 km/h) lowered to the top speeds of the last kilometers (under 6 km/h). The difference between these positions can be seen below.

Paikkarin Torppa before and after.


The unsuccessful performance in the race might be correlated to food intake. Maybe one more Diabetesliitto candy or different type of Royal without rum could be the solution for obtaining the goals. Also some other issues (like training) might influence to the final result.


Synkkis route like small Finland.


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