No Spring

Winter season is now over and what rough time it was. No spring but only hard cold winter from November to April. Hopefully next season we get back to normal where nice and easy weather conditions also sometimes prevail. This season the amount of tourists multiplied so that I had almost everyday customer(s) but still bus loads are missing. Maybe next season!

Guys in GITMO are also increasing when Arktis also operates besides with Sampo next year probably also affecting on Laitakari icetreks and Northern Lights tours. We nailed the Auroras with over 90% accuracy now for third season in a row and opened the Remote Aurora guiding service for whole Finland. Also Lapland Salmon Lodge joined as functional Aurora station on the line.

Next it is time for training for the summer season and the main goal is to survive through hardest and toughest ultra race this year in Finland the 5-days Lapland Wilderness Challenge at Inari Kaldoaivi and Vätsäri wildlands. Skipping the skiing season and moving directly to running is my plan with that.

For the spring (if it still exists) I have almost every weekend health fairs around Scandinavia. Now with the mobile setting the traveling gets easier but still the passport is missing. We have now filed complaints of the police and justice departments so let’s see what happens if the head of investigation is suspended on our treason case. At least the tunnels are there even though they don’t exist on the paper 🙂

For the first health fairs this season we have adopted the Pig and rolled out the Sinmeter. Both seem to freak out people but the officials are still holding their Horses. I suppose the local fairs in April and May will determine if additional to Doctors also Priests are starting to run and hide off on our booth.

t. Putin


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