Xmass Season

Christmas came and also the New Year even though I could not properly register them while having lot of customers both daily on the ice and snow and during the nights at Aurora hunts and chases. The last week of the highest season we had -30 degrees so also camper broke and now having the repair ahead.

New routes have been opened to HaparandaTornio so that now we can icetrek, snowshoe and ski the Riekkola area easily. Also ski rental services are available on the Sea Lapland. Evacuation processes were tested twice near Snowcastle with Hongkongese and Spanish customers so seems the settings work right.

Next it is time for snow training season so that multiday event Lapland Wilderness Challenge can be raced properly on summer. Of course we still have to wait for Mikko if he gets into some kind of shape to survive on the rope.

Merry Xmass and Happy New Year!

t. Mark


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