Wild Lapland

Summer race season has now really begun with surviving 3 days and nights in Lapland Wilderness Challenge for about 130 km in fully-packed mode. Mikko had to quit after muscle fatigue but especially on the first part of the course we managed to take the lead and instruct the winners of Skypole to the controls when seeing them off the route. LWC was first ultra race this season and despite of mosquitos and some blisters the magnificient views of Kaldoaivi have now been seen. Also Juncker has been shot down and Hitler’s hideout revealed. Check more detailed analysis of LWC2024 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfIhXmuhwQg

The preparation of LWC consisted of NUTS Karhu 50 km and Seskarö Trail runs with also the anchor leg of Jukola Relay. The main problem on the beginning of the summer has been the knees which need longer warm-up to be fully driven on downhills and tricky parts where you need to drop, jump or leap over the obstacles. Next test for that is NUTS Poro 37 km where there is biggest descent in Finland from top of Ylläs on the bottom of Kesänki lake.

For the rest of the summer major events are World Masters Orienteering Championships in Turku area, European Rogaining Championships in Estonia and also the Finnish Championships of Rogaining in Ylämaa. Having now already the endurance and strength covered quite well the focus is on the speed increase because the rope was too loose on LWC.

On the treason case for revealing the Finnish army tunnels the prosecutor has now asked for more time on raising the charges so supposedly we are having the trial earliest on 2025. At least the police has now finalized their report having false assumptions still so hopefully the prosecutor gets them corrected or at least the jury. In the meantime enjoy the show!

In corona test case we won the government so they had to drop the charges against me and pay the court costs about 2000 euros. Here you can check the trial online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MrjBk7WkRw

T. Rudolf


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